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Month: October 2014

Reasons for an Annual Boiler Service

How would you feel if your boiler broke down during the UK winter? Are you now regretting not getting your boiler regularly serviced because you are not without any hot water and are looking at a damage bill to fix? Boilers are the heart of any UK home but they can cause plenty of trouble when they are not maintained properly. Even if you dont believe there is anything wrong with your boiler, still get an annual check-up from Boilers Repairs Enfield. The following reasons are why you should get an annual boiler service from a Gas safe registered engineer:Money Saved on RepairsBoilers are extremely expensive to purchase and are still very costly to repair with even minor faults. If you get your boiler serviced regularly, this will minimise the risk of your boiler picking up any problems and fixing them before they develop into something bigger. As a result, an annual service will definitely save you money in the long term. Reduction in Heating CostsOur gas engineers are Boilers Repairs Enfield will check to see that your boiler is running as efficiently as possible. This can be instrumental for reducing your heating costs and minimise any future bills. Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide is a deadly chemical that can be produced by a boiler when they arent burning gas correctly. Carbon Monoxide is incredibly hard to identify since it doesnt have an odour and you cant smell it. The symptoms of a carbon monoxide poisoning include nausea, breathlessness, drowsiness, stomach pains and even death. This is why it is very important to get your boiler serviced because you could be killing yourself and your family without knowing it. If you are looking for a business to service your boiler choose Boilers Repairs Enfield because we are leaders in boiler repairs within Enfield. Our servicing guarantees we identify the small and large faults so you save a significant amount of money on future repairs.

Service Your Gas Boiler

Gas boilers are incredibly important for those living in the cold parts of the UK and are often taken for granted until they breakdown. However, if you get your gas boiler services from a Gas Safe Registered engineer like the ones from Boiler Repairs Enfield, the chances of your boiler breaking down are very slim. In addition, gas boilers should be serviced a few times a year because there are a number of damaging problems associated with gas boilers like money spent and safety in regards to carbon monoxide being produced. Carbon monoxide can cause headaches, drowsiness, breathlessness, nausea and even death and this toxic chemical can be produced by boilers when gas isnt being burnt correctly. However, you wont know if there is carbon monoxide present since it cannot be smelt or seen. This is why it is extremely important to get your boiler serviced a few times a year to prevent any deadly consequences. There are a number of signs that indicate whether your gas boiler needs to be serviced. However, you should still get your boiler serviced a few times a year even if you arent experiencing any of the following symptoms.Smoke marks or stains appearing on the boilerYour hot water isnt as hot or there is limited water flowIrregular yellow boiler flameLoud noises coming from boiler fanBoiler overheats frequentlyPressure dropsWhen you hire Boilers Repairs Enfield, we will do the following procedures when servicing your gas boiler:Clean Burner, pilot, flue-ways, ignition components, flame supervision components, controlsRepair gas leaksCheck boiler seals and joints, disturbed gas connections, flame supervision device, damage to wiring and open-flued boilersReset burner operating pressureBoilers Repairs Enfield are highly recommended for any boiler servicing since they have a team of experienced gas engineers who offer a high quality service for an affordable price. In addition, we can offer a number of other services like underfloor heating and central heating.

Common Boiler Problems

You often dont think too much about your central heating system because you always expect it to work and continue to supply hot water and heat to your home. However, it is when a problem occurs when a household can turn into chaos and finally the boiler isnt taken for granted as much. A boiler breakdown can be an expensive inconvenience, especially during the colder months in the UK. Some boiler issues can be addressed by yourself but others will require the services of a qualified heating engineer from Boiler Repairs Enfield. The most common reason why boilers breakdown is because during the hotter months they arent in use and when the colder season comes around they are forced back into life which puts them under considerable strain. However, the most common symptoms of a damaged boiler include:Leaking and Dripping ? If your boiler is leaking and dripping this could have an effect on your water bill and can be difficult to resolve the problem since a variety of issues can lead to this problem. It is best to try and identify where the leak is coming from. Lack of Heat or Hot Water ? A boilers job is to provide heat and hot water to your home and if it isnt, there isnt much use for it. Potential causes of a boiler failing to supply hot water or heat to a home can be a broken diaphragm, broken airlocks, thermostat issues, low water levels or a failure of motorised valves. Pilot Light Failure ? The potential cause of a pilot light going out could be a broken thermocouple which stops the gas supply to the pilot light. Hence, it will blow the pilot light out. If you need any assistance when it comes to dealing with a boiler, be sure to contact Boiler Repairs Enfield since we provide you with only the most experienced and skilled engineers to service, maintain, repair or install your boiler or heating system.