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Service Your Gas Boiler

Gas boilers are incredibly important for those living in the cold parts of the UK and are often taken for granted until they breakdown. However, if you get your gas boiler services from a Gas Safe Registered engineer like the ones from Boiler Repairs Enfield, the chances of your boiler breaking down are very slim. In addition, gas boilers should be serviced a few times a year because there are a number of damaging problems associated with gas boilers like money spent and safety in regards to carbon monoxide being produced. Carbon monoxide can cause headaches, drowsiness, breathlessness, nausea and even death and this toxic chemical can be produced by boilers when gas isnt being burnt correctly. However, you wont know if there is carbon monoxide present since it cannot be smelt or seen. This is why it is extremely important to get your boiler serviced a few times a year to prevent any deadly consequences. There are a number of signs that indicate whether your gas boiler needs to be serviced. However, you should still get your boiler serviced a few times a year even if you arent experiencing any of the following symptoms.Smoke marks or stains appearing on the boilerYour hot water isnt as hot or there is limited water flowIrregular yellow boiler flameLoud noises coming from boiler fanBoiler overheats frequentlyPressure dropsWhen you hire Boilers Repairs Enfield, we will do the following procedures when servicing your gas boiler:Clean Burner, pilot, flue-ways, ignition components, flame supervision components, controlsRepair gas leaksCheck boiler seals and joints, disturbed gas connections, flame supervision device, damage to wiring and open-flued boilersReset burner operating pressureBoilers Repairs Enfield are highly recommended for any boiler servicing since they have a team of experienced gas engineers who offer a high quality service for an affordable price. In addition, we can offer a number of other services like underfloor heating and central heating.

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