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Month: July 2015

Understanding the requirement of the customer

In the winter season, the plumbing work goes to its peak. In that season plumbers are in demand because many things especially the home appliances get repairing work along with the installation of the home appliances. These are the necessities of the life because it is impossible to live without then as it is the demand of the winter season. The winter season is so extreme to some areas that even the unprofessional people who have learned a few training courses also call them the plumbers. In this scenario people call them and want to get their work done but instead of fixing the issue these plumbers complicate the issue and the problem of the plumbing get increased. For this purpose our company Boiler Repairs Enfield is the best to give the quality services. They are the plumbers who are ready to give the services in the snow as well as in rainy days. They dont care for the weather because they believe that the customers help is more than their own comfort. So they try to reach the place at any cost and get the work of the customer done with the help of the customers guidelines. One of the qualities of our company Boiler Repair Enfield is that they do the work according to the demand of the customers. They fulfill all the customers requirements and give only the advice to the customers. The customers are not bound to accept their advice and act accordingly instead of that the customers are free to do whatever they would like to. This is the reason that our company plumbers are in demand because they dont provide the services according to their own choices but they listen carefully the customers requirements and after understanding the nature of the problem they act accordingly.

Fixing the frozen pipes in the winter season

The frozen pipes are very common in the winter season and it causes a huge trouble to the people who are living in the area where the winter weather is very extreme. In the winter season the frozen pipes get cracked the pipes from many areas and it is not known by the people. In order to melt down the pipes, the customers are required to call the Boiler Repairs Enfield so that the problem of the frozen pipes gets melted. The plumbers of our company first melt down the frozen water by applying passing the hot air into the pipes. After that the boiled water is being passed into the pipes so that the water in the pipes gets melted very quickly. After clearing the frozen water in the pipes, the plumbers are required to patch the pipes at the areas where it get cracked. Most of the plumbers ignore this area because they have a little knowledge about the handling of the complicated and tough plumbing issues. Our company Boiler Repair Enfield has an expert and the qualified plumbers who have the deep knowledge in this field. They know that when once the pipes get frozen in the winter season then they get cracked in some areas for sure. So after cleaning the frozen water in the pipes, our company plumbers check all the pipes of the building thoroughly and patch the cracked pipe so that in the summer season the leakage of the water could not be the problem for the building. Those plumbers who ignore this thing create a problem for the customer and along with that they spent double money when they get the ignored work being done in the summer season. So it is always advised to call the reliable and the most experienced plumber.

Cleaning the water tank with antibacterial solutions

People always find that their water which is running through the pipe changed the color due to many reasons. Most of the people think that the changed color of the water is due to the mixing of dust through the pumps. In fact this is the wrong thinking or the statement. The pale color of the water is running for two reasons. The first reason is that the debris is present in the pipes which run through the water. The second reason is that the water pipes get rusted and due to the rusted pipes the water gets pale. In both cases the water is not safe to be used for the cooking and drinking purpose. It is highly unhygienic to be used in the kitchens. The only solution of the cleaned water is the washing of the water tank. For this purpose the customers should call our company Boilers Repairs Enfield so that the problem could be solved immediately. As this problem take almost 3 days to get it solve but our company plumbers are expert enough to tackle the issue and get it solved within 24 hours. They have the most modern and the updated tools which go deep into the pipes of the water tank and wash away all the debris which run through the clean water slowly. Our company Boiler repair Enfield first clean the water tank with the help of antibacterial solutions and let the water go freely into the pipes so that all the antibacterial water went through the pipes and clean the pipes. After that the plumbers of our company let the clean water go through the pipes so that the entire chemical which is carried with the antibacterial solution should be cleaned. The same process repeated twice and all the water gets cleaned.