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Common Boiler Problems

You often dont think too much about your central heating system because you always expect it to work and continue to supply hot water and heat to your home. However, it is when a problem occurs when a household can turn into chaos and finally the boiler isnt taken for granted as much. A boiler breakdown can be an expensive inconvenience, especially during the colder months in the UK. Some boiler issues can be addressed by yourself but others will require the services of a qualified heating engineer from Boiler Repairs Enfield. The most common reason why boilers breakdown is because during the hotter months they arent in use and when the colder season comes around they are forced back into life which puts them under considerable strain. However, the most common symptoms of a damaged boiler include:Leaking and Dripping ? If your boiler is leaking and dripping this could have an effect on your water bill and can be difficult to resolve the problem since a variety of issues can lead to this problem. It is best to try and identify where the leak is coming from. Lack of Heat or Hot Water ? A boilers job is to provide heat and hot water to your home and if it isnt, there isnt much use for it. Potential causes of a boiler failing to supply hot water or heat to a home can be a broken diaphragm, broken airlocks, thermostat issues, low water levels or a failure of motorised valves. Pilot Light Failure ? The potential cause of a pilot light going out could be a broken thermocouple which stops the gas supply to the pilot light. Hence, it will blow the pilot light out. If you need any assistance when it comes to dealing with a boiler, be sure to contact Boiler Repairs Enfield since we provide you with only the most experienced and skilled engineers to service, maintain, repair or install your boiler or heating system.

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