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Month: March 2016

How to choose the right gas engineer in Enfield

Gas installations are an affordable source of energy for cooking and heating in homes and buildings. Gas installations have to be tested for the safety of users and this is why it is important to choose a professional Gas Engineer Enfield to do it for you. Over the years of constant use, a gas installation will start leaking, first at the pipe joints on the gas installation. In most of the cases, one should reconnect the pipe joint where the gas is leaking. Owners of gas installations have legal obligations in relation to ensuring the gas installations safety and that it is non-leaking. This is why it is important and the best idea in the long run to hire a Gas Engineer Enfield to make sure that your home gas installations are in the best working order. Professionals issue official documents after performed gas maintenance. When it comes to a certain schedule to perform regular checkups and maintenance of gas installations, one should keep in mind that it is best to do it at least once every 10 years, even when you don’t experience any problem with gas installations. It is the duty of a home owner to take care to perform such measures as a precaution. On the other side, a gas system operator should perform at least once in a decade the testing of the functionality and non-leaking of gas installations in public buildings as well as parts of residential buildings.Who should maintain gas devices and how often should they be maintained?Gas devices are maintained by an authorized gas company and these are maintained once a year or every other year depending on the type, age, general condition, etc. After gas device maintenance, a gas company should issue the appropriate documents about the service. This service will enable you to have peace of mind about your gas installation safety and functionality.

24/7 emergency boiler repairs Enfield

In case of a gas emergency, it is good to know that there is a reliable and efficient gas company around that can perform all different kinds of gas installations and device repairs, including Emergency Boiler Repair Enfield. There are a number of different potential gas emergencies, but boiler repairs are definitely ones that we encounter most often, and they require a special approach. But don’t worry, we are available around the clock to arrive and provide swift and efficient Emergency Boiler Repair Enfield, as well as all other gas installation repairs and maintenance. We will respond to your call in record time, because we know that gas problems require swift reaction. We are sure that there are a number of different questions you may have that require answers from professionals. For example, not many people know that even if you use gas in your home, which is a very clean energy source, there is still a need to check and clean chimneys at least once every year. This depends on the type of chimney and type of gas devices and machines in your home. For accurate and the most precise info, it is best to contact an authorized gas company in your area. If you wonder when and where you can place gas devices type C (gas facade burner), you can get them only if the gas exhaust is going all the way over the house roof, which in most cases presents significant expenses. When it comes to a number of gas appliances that can be attached together on a classic common chimney, one should keep in mind that a max of three classic gas appliances can be connected to a single chimney. The maximum distance between three attached gas appliances on a joint chimney is 6.5 meters and the minimum vertical distance between two gas appliances attached to one chimney is at least 0.3 meters.