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Month: July 2014

Bending Pipework

Pipework and tubing can be bent by one of several methods, it just depends on how you are going to use the bent pipe or tubing. The issues with bending pipes is working out where and by how much to bend the pipe. The pipe bender is a very handy invention that is purely designed to form bends in plumbing pipework is the aptly titled pipe bender. It is quite a specialized and well manufactured tool. Most pipe benders are made for bending pipework that are different diameters like small ones which are normally 8mm/10mm and 12mm in diameter and a larger tool for 15mm/22 mm. If you have a requirement to bend copper tubing with a bigger diameter than this you will need to build your strength or easier should actually purchase an expensive power pipe bending tool. You need not bother at all with a bender for copper tubing larger than 22mm, just use fittings instead. An Enfield Boiler Repair tradesman is an experienced professional.Micro-Tubing.There are smaller bending tools around for use on microbore tubing. Microbore is a very soft copper micro tube that is soft enough to be bent by hand. It is supplied in rolls. That said, to form the ideal bend you should really use the bending tool. The microbore pipework is normally 8-10mm in diameter and is a great choice for central heating systems with the advantage of having very low heat loss by the water that flows through it. Enfield Boiler Repairs carry pipe-bending tools.Pipe Bender For Microbore Tubing.Open up the bender arms so they are at a 180 to each other and now place the copper tube between these arms, always making sure that it is under the retaining arm and is sat in the correct groove for its size. Bend the top so that it comes parallel with the pipe, and check the grooves have now covered it. Draw the top arm down and start to bend. Pull both arms together in one complete motion until the correct angle is found. Open up the arms again to release the bent tubing.