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Tap Aerator Nozzle

The basic function of the aerator tap is to mix the water supply with air just before it leaves the tap nozzle. Enfield Boiler Repairs can fit tap aerators. These are small pieces screw to the nozzle of the tap. They contain plastic and metal gauzes that form the aeration of the water as it passes through and out. In hard water areas, limescale forms and can clog the tap. If this happens, then you will have to remove the aerator to deal with this limescale. To remove the tap aerator, you will need the use of a large adjustable spanner as it’s likely to be well stuck with limescale. Make sure the chrome of the tap is protected with a rag. Holding the tap unit itself with one hand, turn the spanner to undo the aerator. Dismantle all the pieces for cleaning. Push the bottom of the aerator, removing the washer and insert. Release the retaining plastic cap part, then gently push the gauze discs free. Place them in the order in which they were removed so that you can put them back correctly when the cleaning is finished. An Enfield Boiler Repair Plumber is experienced in this kind of work. It is dependant on how bad the pieces are but you may be able to rinse them through and brush them to free the scale. If this doesn’t do the trick, simply put them in a scale cleaner for a while. Rinse thoroughly under the tap. If there is limescale on the chrome part of the nozzle, take extra care as this can scratch easily. Make sure that the chrome does not come into contact with this solution as it will be degraded and lose its shine. The rubber washer should not be immersed in any cleaner at all to prevent degredation.

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