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Clean Your Heating System

When a heating system has had any modifications carried out or even if it is a new fit, then, the system with all its associated pipework should to be flushed out totally with water to remove any debris or flux that remains from the installation or modification, as if left in the system corrosion will eventually occur which can will damage things like the valves, but most importantly the heating pump. Professional tradesmen like an Enfield Boiler Repair tradesman will carry out this work as standard. To protect the pump as this flushing process is carried out it is a good idea to remove it. The systems integrity is easily maintained by fitting a length of hose or pipe in its place. Once the process is complete, you can re-fit the pump in reverse of the removal routine. Before re-fitting make sure that the impeller will spin by using a screwdriver. If you can feel resistance, drain the system and re move the pump again, and clean and refit the impeller if required. Of course at any point if you are not confident, call a professional plumbing company like Enfield Boiler Repairs representative who are a reliable service. A really strong cleaner could expose minor leaks that have been sealed by corrosion, therefore a mild cleanser is the best idea. This should be fed into the system through the feed-and expansion tank or a radiators bleed valve.Run the cleanser through the system for about 7 days, with the boiler set to a quite high temperature. On completion, isolate and drain the system. Repeat this, quite a few times, with a hose to run mains-pressure water through the system while it is draining. Should the boiler make loud banging noises, you will need to use a powerful descaling agent and treat it and its immediate pipe work. Make sure that the boiler is running on the hot water program. Some of these agents require neutralizing before a corrosion inhibitor solution can be used.

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