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Change a Service Valve

There could come a time when you might need to replace a service valve.Below is a basic guide:Some of this type of valves can be directional so you must ensure that before you remove the old unit you have made a note of the direction of flow of the valve so that when you fit the new one, it is fitted with the correct orientation. Keep the old valve so that a comparison can be made to ensure you have the right replacement. Enfield Boiler Repairs use skilled tradesmen.Undoing the valve.Stop the valve from twisting and exerting pressure on the pipe work by holding it still with a pair of stilsons. A second wrench, or spanner, should be used to undo the compression nut. Repeat this on the other end and remove the valve. Now the is valve out, you now need to take the olive rings off. Olives are flattened tight against the pipework in a compression fitting so they are usually difficult to get off. You should use a gentle grip with a wrench, rotating them as you pull them off. If this doesnt work youll need to cut them off. Finally, clean up the pipe ends using steel wool. An Enfield Boiler Repair Plumber carries the right tools.Fitting the New Valve.Make sure the new valve needs no adjustments by holding it to the pipework and visually ensuring that both sides of the pipe will sit in the valve by the correct amount. Look into the valve and youll see an edge where the pipe stops. Slide the compression nut on the pipe and then the olive, then do the same for the other end. Fit the valve. This will probably require a little work as there is not much play in the pipe. With the valve positioned correctly, double check the direction of flow. Tighten the nuts on each end. Hold the valve body using a wrench so it will not turn and tighten both nuts. As you tighten, this will compress the olive on the pipe making a seal. Even though the nut feel tight enough, give them another half turn but dont overdo it. PTFE tape is sometimes used to seal a joint that is a poor fit by wrapping around it around the olive.

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