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Bath (Plumbing in New)

Position.Place the bath in position and adjust the feet to the required height and level. Show on the wall the position of the new taps and the new waste outlet. Enfield Boiler Repairs fit bathroom appliances.Extending hot & cold pipes and waste (pipes).Extend the waste and supply pipes as required. These should terminate in a location which will still allow you to reposition the bath, but also let you to make connect up for the last time. This will prevent the need for you to insert your hand in between the bath and wall. Assemble and Fit.The supplied instructional diagrams will also advise on the location of gaskets and/or use of sealant. Assemble the overflow pipe. These systems vary, but they are usually connected back down to the waste outlet for the home. If the taps are fitted with short lengths of pipe tail pipes with them, shape and fit these.Connect the hot and cold.Place the bath in its spot and make sure that all the pipes are in before you secure with the supplied fixings. Connect the tails that were fitted earlier onto the water supply pipes. It is mainly the best idea to use fittings that are of a compression type to do this. Do not use direct heat near a bath. An Enfield Boiler Repair Plumber is skilled in all plumbing work.Connecting the waste.Connect the trap to the waste outlet and waste pipe. If there is little space underneath the new bath, a narrow type bend may be used. Before you fit the panel to the side of the bath, switch on the water and inspect youre your work for any water leaks. This must also include the waste. Also check the overflow as it is a lot easier to discover a leak now on the overflow rather than relying on a wet ceiling.

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