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Annual boiler service may save you from carbon-monoxide poisoning

In order to be sure about the proper functioning of your boiler, it is necessary to give it an annual safety and check service by an authentic and professional boiler service Enfield engineer. Regular or annual boiler service may save you from carbon monoxide poisoning and it ensures that your boiler is performing according to the specific designs offered by the manufacturer. Regular boiler service helps prolong the life of your boiler, reducing the faults risks as well as costly repairs.
It is true that the efficiency of the boiler, no matter if it is an oil or gas boiler, deteriorates with the passage of time. Therefore, the chances for carbon monoxide leakages increase along with other faults and damages.
Carbon monoxide or CO is a poisonous gas. It carries the properties of being colourless and odourless that enhances the dangers associated with this lethal gas. It is a common gas and a preventable cause of death from poisoning across the world. It is told that about half of the casualties from unintentional carbon monoxide poisonings result from inhalation of smoke from fires. Moreover, vehicle exhausts and commercial/ industrial settings are also significant reasons for deaths.
When we inhale CO into the body,it starts combining with the blood and prevents it from absorbing the oxygen. In case a person is exposed to this poisonous gas over a period of time, it can cause severe illness or even death. As carbon monoxide has no colour, taste or smell, it is widely named as the Silent Killer.
A boiler is an essential part of every home, especially in chilly winters when we have no better substitute for a finely running boiler. But in case you experience frequent boilershut down or the boiler flame is getting yellow or orange instead of blue,you may have carbon monoxide leakage. In such a situation, annual boiler service may save you from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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